Thursday, April 26, 2018

Immigrants With High Skills Earn More Than Average Canada Citizen, Says Study

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A variety of reasons come with immigrants as per why they have chosen to leave their home country and become an immigrant in a new one. There are those who are looking for a more peaceful place to live in as theirs has been torn apart by war. There are those who want to be an immigrant because there are some personal issues that they would want to leave behind. And then there are also those who are seeking for a country that has a strong economy so they can have a better financial status.

For those immigrants who are looking for better paying jobs, going to Canada just may be the answer that they are looking for. According to a new study, immigrants who have just entered the country and come highly skilled are actually able to earn more as compared to the average salary of a citizen of Canada. This goes to reflect that many of these individuals are actually able to get good paying jobs and are able to work on their financial status.

The report that was done

This report was done internally and it was backed by the government of the country. The report has shown that immigrants who come with high skills and are quite hard working are able to earn just about the same as the average citizen or may be able to earn more than that average. This is based on people’s annual income in the country. This is especially true for those immigrants who have just arrived in the country and have started working the soonest time possible upon being an immigrant.

With the help of a request via the Access to Information, it was the Canadian Press who was able to have their hands on the report for the first time outside the government of the country. The report does not only focus on the average income of immigrants versus the average citizen but it also looks into the possible results for all of those immigrants who have come to Canada as a whole. The study looked into the economic status, as well as their social status and this data was based on the different immigration types that the country is allowing immigrants in.

The results of the study

By working and analyzing the data that they were able to accumulate, immigrants who have come from all the various programs to get to Canada were actually doing better in terms of personal economy especially through time. It also reflected that those with high skills were able to get started faster than most and get really good jobs, thanks to their skills and experience. This allows them to earn more than the average. They also tend to get good positions as managers.

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