Thursday, November 30, 2017

New Agreement For Immigration From Ontario, Canada

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The national government of Canada and the local government of Ontario, one of Canada’s biggest cities, have joined forces and put their heads together. What they have achieved is creating a new agreement for immigration. This new agreement has been made so that they can further improve all of their labors so that they can bring in the needed individuals and immigrants. They are currently targeting the skilled immigrants and recruit them to work in the country.

The two governments are also looking at being able to not just recruit these skilled immigrants but also have them start training. The training would be provided by the country and this is a necessity so that the individuals can actually meet the requirements that are needed by the province. Each training would be different and the trainings are designed so as to fit the various professions that they are targeting. This is going to be quite helpful for both Canada and the immigrants as it should benefit both parties well.

The Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement

The new agreement that the two governments have put together is known as the Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement. It is also more known as the COIA. This agreement has $91 million worth of funds that would be used to help create the training programs that the immigrants would have to go through. It would be running in the coming three years. Such programs will be designed to help all of the new immigrants in Canada have even better skills than the ones that they currently have. These would also help the immigrants have skills that would be harmonized with what Ontario has for professional standards.

With the immigrants already have their own set of skills and experiences in whatever industry they may be in, the trainings would even further hone such. It would be beneficial for the immigrants as it would mean more knowledge and more experience on their end. It would also be beneficial for Ontario and Canada as it would mean more skilled individuals who would know what they are doing and who already know what they are supposed to do.

Putting the agreement together

Last November 24, the COIA has been unveiled and launched to the public. This happened via a signing ceremony. The ceremony included Ahmed Hussen and Laura Albanese. Hussen is the current minister of Canada for immigration, refugees and citizenship while Albanese is the minister of Ontario for citizenship and immigration.

News recently published had disclosed that the governments are happy with the COIA as it now serves as a good framework that should help better the welcoming and settling efforts of the government for all of the immigrants to the country, especially to Ontario.

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