Thursday, February 22, 2018

$440 Million Allocation By Canada To Increase Immigration In Three Years

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While other countries in the world are doing their best to lessen the amount of immigrants that is coming to their soil, this is definitely not the case for Canada. See, this country is keen on making sure that more immigrants are making their way to them as long as these immigrants pass the requirements that they have already set. The country has been open to immigrants and it is known as one of the countries in the world where discrimination on immigrants do not necessarily exist. That is why many individuals are trying their best to make sure that they are able to pass the requirements and go through the process to become an immigrant in Canada.

As of recent, Ahmed Hussen, the Immigration Minister of the country, has stated that the government has already plans on making sure that immigration goes up for Canada. Hussen has also continued that their current plans are working just fine and they are also pushing for $440 million in budget to be used to make sure that all plans of increasing the number of immigrants in the country become reality. This is definitely good news for all of those who are working their best to be an immigrant there.

The current status of immigration

Hussen has continued with an update on the current status of immigration in Canada. He mentioned that in November of last year, the country has decided to not push through with the immigration plans for one year so that they could be able to focus on an immigration plan that would be put in place for three years. This plan started this year, 2018, and would be ending by 2020. This plan is all about making sure that there is a steady increase when it comes to the number of immigrants entering the country and this increase would have to happen during that timeframe.

The target number of immigrants for 2018 would be 310,000 individuals and the government is planning on making sure that by the year 2020, the number would reach 340,000. Hussen has disclosed that this is a representation of the highest number of admitted immigrants to Canada in over a hundred years. It also is going to bring in the highest rate of immigrants in over 40 years if the plan definitely pushes through.

The benefits to Canada

The Immigration Minister has continued to state that with the growth, 60% of it will be quite helpful in boosting the immigration programs that the country has through economy. Through the given period, the skilled individuals in the country would increase because they would be selecting them through the Express Entry system that they have already got in place.

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