Monday, February 5, 2018

New Zealand Welcomes Influx Of British And American Immigrants

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There is quite a remarkable increase in the number of residents from the United States as well as from the United Kingdom that have become immigrants in New Zealand as of recent. This is as per immigration numbers from the official branch of the NZ government that deals with such. Studying the numbers and the trend, the influx of British and American immigrants has been primarily because of two major events that have happened in their home countries. For the Americans, it is because of the election of Donald Trump into the presidency of the country. And for the Britons, it is because of the country’s vote to exit the European Union.

It is quite safe to say that though the majority votes in both countries have helped pave the way for such big changes, there are still a huge number of residents who do not really agree to the majority vote. This is why those who are not happy with the major events have decided that it is best to move out of their country and be an immigrant. With New Zealand being quite a popular immigration destination, this country has now become the home of those looking for a new country to grow roots in.

The numbers and what they say

As per the data from Statistics New Zealand, the net number of residents of the United States has gone up by 65 per cent for the year 2017. This number includes a net gain that amount to 2,127 and these are the immigrants that are permanent and staying in the country for long term. The increase in the number of immigrants from this country has gone up after the election of a new president back in November of 2016. Those who were not happy with the results have decided to make a move and become immigrants in New Zealand.

As for the UK immigrants, the net number for 2017 has totaled to 6,371. This is definitely bigger to the number two years earlier. In 2015, the net immigration number for UK residents was only 3,614. This is a significant year as it was a year before the actual referendum on the European Union membership has come about, and this referendum has happened in June of 2016.

These numbers are actually official data and they have just been released recently by Statistics New Zealand.

More information from the numbers

The numbers discussed earlier are actually on the basis of the skilled immigrants who have come to the country. Taking the whole total of immigrants from the two countries for last year, there were around 20,000 individuals who have made their way to NZ. Economists believe that one of the top reasons for immigrants choosing NZ is because this country has a really strong economy and growth is continuing to rise.

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