Monday, February 26, 2018

More Billionaires Are Getting New Zealand Homes And Becoming Immigrants

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For some, the apocalypse is something that can really happen. Though not all agree with this, those who do cannot help but be prepared for it. After all, prevention is always better than the cure. With that, these apocalypse believers are looking for new places to settle in. It does not matter if they need to be immigrants – what matters is that they are safe in case the apocalypse does happen. So here is the deal – these believers have found New Zealand to be quite the place to be safe in when the apocalypse becomes real. And becoming an immigrant in New Zealand is definitely at the top of these believers’ list.

Some of the top business people and billionaires who may currently be living in Silicon Valley think that the apocalypse may become real and so they have made use of their resources to find the best spot to be safe in. Yes, New Zealand is on top of the list and the preparations have started. Working on the documents needed to be an immigrant is one and acquiring homes in the country is another.

The PayPal guru believes in New Zealand

The person behind the creation of PayPal believes in New Zealand as a haven when the apocalypse happens. Peter Thiel, the PayPal guru, has just recently acquired a piece of land that measures 193 hectares. This was priced at around $13.5 million and would definitely be a piece of prime real estate. It can be found somewhere near Lake Wanaka, which is one of the best spots in New Zealand. Though there is nothing to live in there at present (unless the barn that is currently standing there is an option), Thiel definitely is working on it so that when he does become an immigrant, he can live there comfortably and safely.

Plans have been revealed and it was released that a panic room may be just what Thiel is working on. Being an immigrant is nothing that he need not worry too much about right now as he has already been given citizenship in the country. So this means that anytime he wishes to go to the country and live there, that can be easily done.

Why is New Zealand an immigrant magnet?

In a recent study that was done, aside from being a haven for the apocalypse, the country also is an immigrant magnet because the government is quite not that strict. The place also offers a work/life balance that is unlike any other place. Water is not hard to come by. It has also proven to be one of those countries where the air is definitely clean. It definitely is not hard for potential immigrants to choose New Zealand over any other country that is on the globe.

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