Thursday, February 8, 2018

New Zealand Work Visas Wanted By Britons and Filipinos

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New Zealand is known as immigrant haven. Many individuals want to move to New Zealand and be an immigrant there. For those who are not able to fulfill all the requirements to become an immigrant in the country, their next goal would be to be able to work in the country at the very least. Recent numbers show that there are plenty of individuals from the United Kingdom and the Philippines who have been applying and working on getting work visas from the country.

Statistics New Zealand has also shown that a significant number of immigrants to the country have now decided to leave the country. This is as per the data that the office was able to compile for last year, 2017. As per the data, the net immigration numbers show that this is around 2 per cent in increase as compared to the number back a year previously, 2016. Of course, this is definitely not a really huge number that would really affect the country in the long run. Despite this, there are still more and more interested individuals working on being immigrants to New Zealand so the number of people leaving is really replaced easily by the new immigrants coming in.

The data and what it says

Peter Dolan works as the manager for population statistics for the country’s Statistics New Zealand. Recently, he has stated that this movement in immigrants leaving the country is known as a cooling effect. This cooling move that has happened a year before actually is a result of what he has described as the increase of the individuals leaving NewZealand essentially after they have joined the country as immigrants before.

Craig Ebert works as a senior economist for the Bank of New Zealand. On this phenomenon, he has stated that the rates are actually small and not really that significant to have a great effect in the country. Despite the number having a slight increase for last year, the overall total of immigration numbers are still quite high and that is helping alleviate the number of individuals who have left. There is really no big change that should happen in the near future as the numbers that have left are easily replaced by those who are coming in.

Individuals who are looking for work visas

As per the data from Statistics New Zealand, there are more and more individuals from the United Kingdom who have entered the country to get work. Aside from the UK, there are also more and more Filipinos who are looking to get work visas to be able to move to the country and work there as well. The data on individuals who have gotten work visas, there is an increase of 11 per cent when it comes to the number of individuals who have arrived in the country holding work visas with them. The huge amount of growth in this category has been thanks to those who hailed from the Philippines and the UK.

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