Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Canadian Occupations In Demand This 2018 For Locals And Immigrants

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Immigrants are going to have a huge amount of opportunities to choose from this 2018 as a recent study has disclosed just what occupations in Canada are going to be in demand this year. Both locals and immigrants can have a go at applying for these in demand occupations should the opportunity arise for them. Locals may not be willing to move to another place in the country if the job calls for such so immigrants may have a better chance of getting such opportunities as they are more willing to move to another place if needed.

As per the recent study, those who have coding skills are going to be quite in demand for the year. This is not surprising as the country is home to quite a huge number of IT companies. These companies in Canada are looking for individuals who can code and who can work their way around codes who would be under their employ. This new study has shared detailed information on what occupations would be highly in demand.

The study on 2018 in demand occupations in Canada

Aside from individuals who are well-versed in coding, the study has also disclosed that other professions that would be needed include business analysts, software engineers, as well as project managers for IT. It can be seen that these are all related to technology and computers. This simply reflects just how the country has become home to IT and computer companies and so the need for such individuals to help them out.

This study is actually done yearly by Randstad Canada, a company that focuses on human resources. For this year, the study has reflected that business analysts would be in demand and the ranked list of professions has put such analysts in the fifth spot. The seventh spot was for project managers for IT. Found on the ninth place was software engineers.

According to Randstad Canada, the study that they did was based on jobs that were needed, openings, placements, and other employment data. They took the data from a variety of markets in the country. With the data, they put them together and analyzed them.

The top 10 occupations

Looking at the study, one would be able to find the top ten occupations that would be highly in demand for this year. The list has shown general laborers to be in the top spot. It is closely followed by sales representatives. In 3rd place are accountants, followed by engineering project managers. On the sixth place are business analysts. The 7th spot belongs to customer service representatives. IT project managers take 8th. The 9th and 10th places are for software engineers and forklift operators, respectively.

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