Thursday, February 15, 2018

UK Needs Immigrant Workers To Work On Fields

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The agriculture industry and the food industry are two very vital parts of any country. Without it, the whole country would starve. Or, those who are living in the country would definitely have a hard time purchasing the needed food as the country would have to import them, thus resulting to high prices. This is definitely not good for any economy. That is why agriculture spots are found in most countries as this is a very basic necessity for people to thrive and survive.

In the case of the United Kingdom, a recent report has shown that the country is definitely in need of a lot more immigrant workers to help out with the work that the fields need. A study has shown that the country needs over 4,000 individuals who would work on the fields. With Britons not really that keen on doing hard labor and moving to a new part of the country for work, the best way to get the work done would be to get help from immigrants. Fruit farms and vegetable farms are producing the goods. The only problem is that there is not enough people to do the work of harvesting the produce.

The story of the fields in 2017

According to the news, thousands of people were needed in the fields last year, 2017. Because of the lack of immigrant workers working the fields, there were a number of fields with fruits and vegetables growing on them that were left to rot. There were not enough people to harvest and do the work on the produce. The owners of the field and the farmers had to take a big hit on their losses and that is definitely not something good to experience.

The number of vacant positions for working in the fields came up to over 4,300. The year ended with this number still not completed. The data is from a survey that was done by the National Farmers Union (which is also known as the NFU). That number of vacant positions for farms and fields actually is about a half of the market for horticulture.

Most of the workers were actually immigrants and they were from the eastern part of Europe, as per the data. Only 0.6% of the field workers had come from the United Kingdom. This definitely reflects just how much the country needs immigrant workers for this very important job.

Filling the gap

The gap needs to be filled but with the upcoming exit of the UK from the European Union, that gap may continue to present itself. The government needs to look into this need and work on its immigration programs to get the help that horticulture in the country needs.

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