Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Trudeau Says Canada Open To Immigration And Trade

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Not a lot of countries are open to immigrants as Canada is. This country in North America does not look at the race of a person or the country that he or she is from. In fact, it accepts individuals from just about any country as long as the individual passes the requirements. And in a recent statement, the country’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has mentioned that despite the differences in the people in the country, this is actually a good source of strength.

Trudeau has also mentioned that the country is not only to immigration but it is also quite open to trade. In a recent engagement, he mentioned that there is a huge potential in trade if there is a more open connection between the country and India. This trade can potentially grow to $8 billion just for trade of goods. It could also grow up to $2 billion for services. These are two things that the country is open to and many countries should be able to take advantage of this chance to have a good connection with this really strong and powerful country.

The visit to India

The Prime Minister, along with his wife and three kids, paid a visit to India and paid tribute to the famous Mahatma Gandhi. Trudeau has been very inspired and quite impressed by the country. He believes that it shows truth, humanity and peace. It is a beautiful place, as Trudeau has mentioned. He continued to state that there are already connections between his country and India and these connections can be further improved so that growth will happen.

He also continued to disclose that in the case of immigration, Canada is moving towards bringing in the needed immigrants. Most countries are opting for the individuals that are like them but in Canada, it is the diversity that brings in the strength of the country. For many, diversity is a weakness but Canada believes that it is a strength and it definitely shows well.

Trudeau mentioned that his government is open to immigrants. They are investing in keeping the immigrants well and adjusted in the country so that they would later on become individuals who are more than able to contribute to the economy of Canada.

The Gandhi inspiration on immigration

Trudeau has shown that Gandhi has inspired him on how he has been running the country. He believes in trusting other people and being firm in fundamental ideas and principles. With the changes in the world, this kind of approach is more than necessary as it was years before. This kind of belief shows just how the country looks at immigration and how well this is doing good for Canada so far. It is not all about having the same kind of people in the country but it is about knowing how to trust people and having the right principles.

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