Wednesday, February 7, 2018

UK PM May Rethinks Position On Immigrant Students

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Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has softened up a bit on her stance regarding immigrant students to the country. International immigrant students have now been classified as individuals who really do not bring about any long-term effects on the numbers of immigration. This is what the prime minister has recently admitted. For the past months, she has been adamant that they do. Now, she has changed her tone and has finally admitted that these individuals really do not have such effects on the immigration numbers of the country.

Back when Theresa May was still working as Home Secretary of the United Kingdom, she had been more than happy to share that international students in Britain have such a big effect in the long term to the country. She has been quite tough on this and believes strongly about it. She had brought this thought with her even as she had become the country’s Prime Minister. She also had been making sure that all immigrant students went through the hole of the needle because she believed that these individuals were coming to the country in the guise of studying when they were really going to find work in the country.

The change in her position on immigrant students

May had been recently interviewed in China and she had explained her change of position on the issue. She had disclosed that there were random colleges and educational institutions in the country that were taking in international students. They were also offering fake courses. May continued that these institutions have now been closed and are now no longer operating. That is why she now believes that international students really do not have significant effects in the long term on the number of immigration in the country.

She continued to share in the interview that it is essential to go back at what was happening in the UK and with the international students during the time that she was serving as the home secretary of Britain. She said that those colleges and educational institutions had paved the way for her claim. However, since these have been closed now, so have her views on the issue at hand. Most of these unscrupulous institutions were bringing in international students but they were mostly to get them to work and not really for studies.

The ONS shares its study

The country’s Office for National Statistics had done a study and it had looked into the data of exits in the past year. Even though there were students who have stayed more than what was indicated on their visas, these individuals really did not bring any significant issues that would stay in the country for a long period.

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