Friday, February 16, 2018

New Zealand Immigration Trends To Be Discussed In Conference

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In New Zealand, the latest trends on immigration as well as any latest issues on this will be put under the microscope. This will happen during a conference that is held annually. This conference is the Pathways conference and it is held annually by the Massey University. Happening next week, those who would be attending the event will definitely be learning more about trends in immigration as well as issues that surround it. Aside from this, issues and trends in diversity in the country should also be discussed.

Paul Spoonley works as a sociologist at the university. He usually can be found making statements to the media regarding immigration in New Zealand. Spoonley is one of the organizers of the event and he also works as the spokesperson for it. On this event, he has stated that this conference will definitely be a place for the commentators on immigration should be found, as well as analysts of government policies and researches. Among the topics that would be discussed should include leadership in religions, communities of immigrants, and how newcomers to the country are getting the welcome that they need.

The exchange of information

Events like this definitely are a place for exchanging information and views on immigration and diversity. According to Spoonley, the people behind it are happy to have some of the best people to be part of it. One of those would be Steve Vertovec, a professor as well as a director for the Max Planck Institute. He is known to head the department on religious diversity and ethnic diversity studies. He will be the headliner for the conference next week. It was him who actually coined “super-diversity” which actually refers to just how high diversity in populations have become compared to previous years. During the conference, he will be discussing trends that are happening.

Those who would be attending the conference will be able to learn more about immigration trends and how it can affect a country. It should be a good place for getting information especially if one is interested in learning more about immigration and what immigrants have to go through to get to the country that they wish to be a part of.

The history of the conference

This annual conference came into being back in the 1990s. It was put together to help with the analysis of data on research that was done on immigration in the country and around the globe. Known as the Pathways, Circuits and Crossroads conference, this helps tackle a lot of trends and issues that can definitely affect a country. This year, the event will be hosted by Capturing the Diversity Dividend of Aotearoa (also known as CaDDANZ) group behind research and studies. The organizers are expecting around 200 individuals from various groups to be joining.

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