Wednesday, February 28, 2018

UK Employers Back Up Immigration Process Focusing On Shortages On Skills And Labor

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The United Kingdom has been recently getting quite the heat because of its plans to exit from the European Union which it has belonged to for years. With this big move means that there would be big changes in the country. One of the top issues would be the lessening of the amount of immigrants that the country would be having since there would be no free movement between the UK and other member nations of the European Union. With that, this would mean that businesses and companies would need more immigrants to do the work that needs to be done.

On this potential issue, almost half of the total employers in the country are looking at giving a thumbs up for a new immigration system that would cover the whole country. It should be based on the shortage on skills and on the needed labor that the country needs. This is very essential as it would help give an answer to the lack of skills and labor that the country would be facing with the exit looming. This data is as per a report that the Adecco Group as well as the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development have recently published.

The details in the report

It is known as the Labour Market Outlook. And this report took over 2,000 employers in the whole of Britain who took part in the survey. This is where the data came from. As per the study, it showed that that 13% of the lot were favorable for a policy that was based on sectors. There were also 5% of those that were part of the survey that were all for a policy that was based on regions. But the main thing to keep in mind here is that the employers are all for an immigration policy that would bring in the needed immigrants.

When asked, the employers had shared that they are all opting for a program that would help with the shortage on skills and labor that is starting to be felt in the country. Currently, the country has had quite some difficulty with finding applicants in the local place. There are a lot of jobs that need to be done and there are not enough individuals to do these.

What the employers need

According to Gerwyn Davis, the current immigration system is all about finding the best people and the brightest individuals. However, it is not all about that. Employers are looking for individuals who can do the jobs and most of these jobs do not necessarily need the best or the brightest for these to be done. This is also making finding the right immigrants quite a longer process.

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