Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Dutch Treat: Dual Citizenship Allowed For Dutch Citizens Residing In UK

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While there are governments that are not keen on dual citizenship, there are those who are quite open to the idea. That is why the Dutch should be quite grateful to its government as it has already disclosed that even if the United Kingdom pushes on with its plans of exiting the European Union, Dutch citizens who are living in the United Kingdom can continue living there as a citizen and also still be a citizen of Netherlands.

This is all thanks to the new government of Netherlands that has allowed all of its citizens who are currently living in Britain to actually go for dual citizenship as it now allows such. An agreement on this was completed by the coalition and it was announced to the public just this week. This agreement has been put together promising to give priority to Dutch citizens as well as 
the unity in the European Union even with the looming possible exit of the UK from the European Union. With this move, it looks like it is good news for those Dutch who would be affected by such an agreement.

How the agreement came to be

It took a total of 208 days for the agreement to be made. There were four parties involved in the making of this and it was headed by Mark Rutte, the Netherlands’ prime minister. For this new government, it is all about being center-right and not leaning anywhere else. That is why they made sure that the whole dual citizenship situation would not negatively affect those who are already enjoying UK citizenship.

The four parties involved in the making of the agreement included the Christian Democrats, the Union D66 party, the Christian Union, and the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy. They worked on the agreement which also included talks and planning for cuts in taxes as well as identity as a citizen of Netherlands.

The group also worked on pushing towards good deals for the country when the exit does happen. They also believe in being solid and one with the European Union despite still being in good terms with the United Kingdom which is very essential.

The changes

Before the agreement was created, all Dutch citizens with a UK citizenship had to have their Netherlands passport taken from them because the Netherlands has limits when it comes to dual citizenship. However, these individuals had to get a citizenship in Britain because they needed such so that they would not have to leave the country once the exit happens.

This is no longer a problem today as the new agreement now allows for Dutch nationals to have dual citizenship in the United Kingdom. Problem solved.

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