Thursday, October 26, 2017

New Zealand Immigration May Be Finally Showing Signs Of Slowing Down

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New Zealand has been one of the top immigration destinations for the past several years. This is not surprising as the country has been quite famous for being one of the most welcoming countries in the world when it comes to immigrants. It is open to immigrants and immigrants really love the country for everything that it can offer them – from wonderful nature to a really relaxed lifestyle to good education to great job opportunities and everything else in between. Aside from that, the country also has once been uninhabited and because of immigration, it became the nation that it is now.

The past recent years have shown that more and more immigrants have favored New Zealand over most countries in the world. The numbers have shown that with each passing month, the numbers just seem to grow more and more. Experts have even said that the country has become one of the favorite immigration destinations in the world. Aside from that, the numbers have broken record after record after record.

Reaching its peak

Recently though, it seems like the immigration numbers have been showing signs that it is finally starting to slow down. According to an economist who has been looking at the numbers, the immigration numbers have seemingly reached the peak. This means that there is nowhere else to go. Because of this, this could really affect the country’s economy, the economist says. It could also mean that with a lower immigration rate, the economy may also slow down as well.

One of the top things that have attracted immigrants to New Zealand is its really good, strong, and stable economy. With the constant increase of immigrants in the country, the economy has also experienced high growth. Now that the numbers for immigration are slowing down, the economy just may do the same as well. But it would not be quite detrimental to the whole country and its residents as what most people may come to believe.

The numbers for immigration

The official data from the country has shown that there were around 71,000 individuals who have chosen New Zealand as their new home. This was the data from the start of the year up until the end of September. This number is definitely lower for the recorded number for the start of the year until August which amounted to around 72,000.

For September, the statistics have it that the total of individuals who have become immigrants in New Zealand came up to a total of 5,100. This was the lowest number recorded for a month for ever two years. There may be other factors why this has happened but it does seem like this may be the sign that the numbers have definitely reached its peak.

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