Monday, October 30, 2017

Fashion Industry In United Kingdom Can Be Affected By Exit From EU, Report Claims

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Many individuals, groups, and experts have looked into the possible changes that the proposed plan of the United Kingdom exiting the European Union can bring. This is a big change to the whole union and so it should also bring about big changes to the country as well. The United Kingdom as of present is one of the top countries in the world that is quite strong when it comes to economy and is quite popular in terms of immigration. It is also known to be one of the top spots for fashion. So how will the exit change the way things are in the UK?

In a new report, it has been disclosed that the free movement of people that will be having a restriction once the exit does happen will actually have a big effect on the economy of Britain. This is primarily because the country would not have easy access to the top talented individuals around the globe and it should also mean that, in effect, the economy of the country will also be affected in a negative way. One of the top industries that have been quite reliant on immigration would be the fashion industry.

What the report says

The report has been created by the Creative Industries Federation (or is more commonly known as the CIF). This was based on a study that they did. The group is based in London and it is all about the country’s industries and trades on film, music, and fashion. This is the very first report that they had done and it had shown just how detrimental the changes can be to the United Kingdom once there are limitations to the free movement that the country is enjoying at present with all other members of the European Union.

As per the report, one can be able to see that the fashion industry in Britain has been very much reliant on the talent and skills of the globe. This is where it gets its juice from. John Kampfner has been vocal about this and he says that with the exit, there is a huge risk that the fashion industry in the UK would have to suffer and so will the country’s economy. Kampfner is the chief honcho for the CIF.

The UK government’s plans

With the exit from the European Union, the country may have to work with a lot less immigrants. This is because the government has been planning on putting a maximum limit to the number of immigrants that the country will allow per year. The exit is planned to happen by March of 2019. Although it may still be more than a year away, the industries in the country are already working hard on making sure that they are not gravely affected by such a huge change.

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