Wednesday, October 4, 2017

UK Will Be Less Attractive To Immigrants Once Gov’t Pushes With Exit Plans

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Ask immigrants in the United Kingdom why they chose this country over any other country in the world. There will be a variety of answers from these people. However, put all of the answers together and one can get a good inkling why the United Kingdom has been quite attractive to a lot of individuals. For one, this country has good work opportunities and has a really good economy. Another is that the healthcare is great as well as the education. The lifestyle is also quite good.

However, recent studies have it that if the country pushes through with its plans of doing an exit from the European Union, the UK just may have to suffer because of this. Although talks are still being made so that the country does not really fall hard, experts who have been looking at the situation at hand believe that the country will become a lot less attractive to those aspiring immigrants. It will be a good cause why many will choose not to go there. In fact, many may choose other countries instead of this one.

The economists put in their statements

Economists have been looking at the situation of the United Kingdom and have done studies on just what may happen if the plans of doing the exit become a reality. See, the studies reflect that even without the limit on the annual immigration numbers, the country will have to expect quite a huge decrease when it comes to the number of immigrants entering the country after that. This should go around 100,000 for each year and that is definitely quite a big number.

The economists have also agreed that even if the talks are still being done, the UK would have to prepare for this huge decline in the number of immigrants coming to the country. The government of the country is currently still in talks with the European Union regarding the possibilities of changes that would happen once the UK is no longer part of it. Of course, all parties would want to get good deals out of it and so the talks still continue.

The negative possibilities

The strong economy of the United Kingdom was what has been bringing a lot of people to the country as immigrants. However, once the country decides that the exit is the way to go, then the country would start to become a lot less attractive to a huge portion of immigrants. This is because the country’s economy will definitely go down and those that are a part of the European Union will continue to enjoy strong economies.

With that, immigrants may opt to go to countries that have better economies. The pound has also been becoming weaker. This may be because of the possibility of the exit that has scared a lot of people and investors. These are good reasons why the UK government should study their plans even better.

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