Thursday, October 12, 2017

Limiting UK Immigration Too Quickly Would Be Mistake, Says Amber Rudd

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Britain has plans. Big plans. And this includes putting a limit to the number of individuals that come to the country as immigrants. This is a huge change for the country should it happen and it is quite important for the country to get experts to look into the possible changes that such would bring to the country. That way, if it would be bringing a lot of negative things, then it would be quite important that the government do something about it.

This is not a secret though. It has been public knowledge for quite some time now. Many people know about it and a lot have delved into the possibility of lesser immigrants in the United Kingdom and studied the possible effects that it may have to the country as a whole. After all, with the UK welcoming a huge number of immigrants per year and businesses depending on these immigrants, a limit would shake things up greatly.

What Amber Rudd has to say

Amber Rudd currently is the Home Secretary for the United Kingdom. On the plans of putting a really low limit for the immigrants coming in, she says that this move just may be one big mistake that the government would be doing. This mistake would be affecting greatly the economy of the country and that is something that the country should definitely avoid. The economy may seem to be just one simple word but it definitely affects everybody in the country and that includes each and every individual living in it.

In an interview with the BBC, she disclosed that putting a limit would be a good way to get control over the borders and she is comfortable with that. However, she believes that the limit should be put into effect slowly and not too quickly or else adverse effects would definitely be felt in Britain. By putting a limit that was 100,000 and below for each year, Rudd says that this is a good move as it should help the government have a better direction on what to do next with immigration should this plan not work as expected.

Split opinions

This change was first proposed by David Cameron back in 2009 when he was still in power. Later on, when Theresa May, the country’s current Prime Minister, took office, she then continued on with Cameron’s plans for an immigration limit.

This has brought about a split when it comes to opinions. Some are for the change while others are not so happy about it and the effects that it could bring to the country. Businesses and even educational institutions may be greatly affected by such a bold change. What most are pushing for would be a limit on immigration that would be sustainable enough to not do any harm to the country.

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