Monday, October 2, 2017

No More Overseas Offices For Visa Processing For New Zealand

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When there are too many tasks done, outsourcing seems to be the way to go. This would mean being able to have more time to do the core tasks in running the business and not spending too much on the repetitive and time-consuming tasks that come with the whole deal. Outsourcing has been quite a good investment for many businesses as it means that the needed help is there and so many tasks are done quite right. The role that outsourcing plays is huge and many have attested to the efficiency and the huge contribution that it brings to the table.

In the case of New Zealand immigration, the government has definitely chosen to outsource the processing of visas for immigration to the country. This has been quite a big thing and has gone on for quite some time. This allowed the government agency to work on the core tasks that come with immigration and it also allowed them to get the visa processing done quite quickly. However, recently, Immigration New Zealand (or also known as INZ) has sent out word that they are bringing back the huge portion of NZ immigration processing of visas back to the home country.

The way back to NZ

Yes, the New Zealand government branch focused on immigration has already confirmed that it will be stopping any work done in overseas offices so that the visa processing would now have to be done in New Zealand only. The country has put up offices in other countries to help make the processing of such visas be faster. However, this time, those offices will no longer be operating and functioning so that visa processing will be completed. All the work on visa processing would be now done in New Zealand.

INZ has also disclosed that when visa processing would be done back in the country, it would also mean that they would have to hire 110 individuals who would serve as staff. They would be the ones responsible for working on the tasks that have been brought back to the country. This is definitely good news as it means that there would be a lot more opportunities for employment in New Zealand.

Working on such plans

Although it may seem like an easy plan, there are steps to be taken before this one pushes through. The list of tasks includes making sure that the tasks are aligned and are ready before everything is done back in the country. Steve Stuart has already said his piece regarding this move and he said that the 110 needed employees would mean 110 less unemployed individuals in New Zealand. Stuart also continued that this would be happening in the course of the next three years as it cannot be done in a jiffy. Stuart works as the general manager of INZ.

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