Monday, October 23, 2017

New Zealand Immigration Grants Transgender Briton Woman Residency

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After many years of being on the receiving end of discrimination, one can definitely feel just how it can affect one’s life. For many people, discrimination is not something to give much focus on simply because they do not feel it nor go through it. However, a lot of individuals are getting discriminated against a lot. And for most of them, to be able to get out of the hot seat from those who are harsh and rude to them, they would rather keep silent about it and not speak up so as not to get the ire.

For one woman who is transgender, she had to go through a lot for years. That is why she tried to find a new place where discrimination is not as high as from where she was originally. This new place she found was New Zealand and it gave her the solace and the peace that she had been looking for for quite some time in her life.

Started off as an immigrant

For this transgender Briton woman, the best thing for her to do after years of being discriminated against in her home country would be to pack up and leave and be an immigrant somewhere else. The United Kingdom was not giving her the peace that she deserves but was instead giving her too many nightmares. So she ventured forth and tried to look for a new place to call her new home. And that was when she found New Zealand and decided to be an immigrant there.

Having New Zealand as her choice was a good decision. In fact, it was so good that it helped her be an immigrant and be able to pick up the pieces of the life that she tried to leave behind in the UK. Now, she can start anew and focus on being better rather than spend too much time thinking about what type of discrimination she was going to get the next day. New Zealand became her haven.

The road to residency

This woman’s story was not a secret. That is why to be able to help her avoid such bad experiences, the Immigration department of New Zealand has decided to give her the residency status that she needs so as to be able to stay there until she chooses to. As per the department of immigration, they believe that this move that they have done is because this transgender needs this in her life and their reasons for providing her residency status is based on humanitarian reasons.

Now, this 57-year-old woman is a proud holder of a residency status in New Zealand, thanks to the NZ immigration department. They just gave her protection from abuse and this move has helped her feel and be safer than she has ever been.

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