Thursday, October 19, 2017

New Rules, Faster Citizenship For New Canadians

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For all of those who may be immigrants in Canada, there is definitely good news for them. There are new rules and this would allow them to be citizens of the country faster than the usual time it takes. This is going to bring a lot of smiles to a lot of people as it means that they would not have to wait that long to be called a citizen of Canada.

There have been a lot of stories of everything that one must go through to become a citizen of Canada. It does take a lot of patience and hard work as well. Of course, in the end, the patience and hard work that they put into it would be reaped when they become a citizen. This means that they will now be able to call Canada as their new home and also be able to take advantage of all the benefits that come with being called one.

Now, the time to achieve a Canadian citizenship status would be a lot less longer. And that is definitely good news.

Reduced time

Amarjeet Sohi recently mentioned in a statement that there will be a reduced time that all immigrants in Canada must wait for them to start applying to become a citizen of the country. This is a part of a big number of changes that is aimed at helping immigrants have easier processes in the country. Although the country is all about welcoming immigrants, the faster time it would take for them to become citizens would help these individuals feel like they really belong in the country. Sohi currently works as the minister for federal infrastructure.

Thanks to amendments that were done to the country’s Citizenship Act, now, immigrants would only have to wait for a shorter time to get the process going for their citizenship. The changes have already been approved and have already taken effect this week. With the changes, those immigrants who would want to be citizens of Canada would now only need to be in the country for at least three years out of five years. This is one year less as compared to the original rules.

The requirements

One of the requirements for a person to be able to apply for Canadian citizenship is that for five years after applying as citizen, each day that was spent in the country would be counted as half a day to get to the requirements for physical presence.

Also, what used to be the age bracket of 14 to 64 years old, the new rules now would require those who are 18 years old to 54 years old to be the ones who are required to take tests on knowledge as well as language.

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