Monday, October 16, 2017

Higher Immigration Numbers Beneficial To Canada, Says Study

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While other countries in the world are pushing to achieve a lower amount of immigrants on their soil, the situation in Canada is far different. In fact, it is totally the opposite. Canada has been encouraging when it comes to immigration. It has made sure that it is able to accommodate those who are looking for a new country to call their new home. While other countries have put a limit on the maximum number of immigrants that they can take per year, Canada has done it the other way around. Instead of putting a limit to the maximum number of immigrants per year, it has put a limit to the minimum number of immigrants. So that means, the more immigrants, the better.

Other people may think that this may be harmful to Canada and may bring about overpopulation in the country. But the truth is, Canada has already studied the situation and it has come to a conclusion that the more immigrants that the country has, the better the country will be.

Why Canada needs immigrants

Studying the situation in Canada, experts have deduced that the more immigrants the country brings in, the better it is for this North American nation. See, the country currently is going through some challenges and immigration is the answer to it. Canada has a population that is aging as we speak and there are a lot less younger citizens. With immigration, the chances of that population getting younger would be far greater.

Another situation that Canada is facing is a low birth rate. This means that there are less and less Canadians being born. It is not a secret that for a country to continue to survive and be great would be to have a good amount of youth who will continue with what has been started. If there are a lot less youth in the country, to whom would the culture and the projects be passed on to? Immigration is the answer to this as it brings in more younger individuals who can continue on with whatever has been started.

The CBC speaks

The Conference Board of Canada has also looked at the situation and it believes that the more immigrants that the country gets would be very beneficial for the country as a whole. It would be able to answer all the previously discussed conditions that it is facing. The study of the CBC also reflected that with more and more immigrants coming in, the gross domestic product for the country would also be going better which is going to help out the country in the long run.

With regards to wages as well as employment rates, the CBC has seen that a higher immigration rate is not going to affect these greatly and not in a negative way.

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