Friday, October 20, 2017

Teach ‘Em Young: Schools Should Teach Children UK Immigration Benefits

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Teach them while they are young. This is what most people believe in and it is definitely true. The younger they are taught, the better it would be for them to learn about what the basics are. They say that the young mind is like a sponge – it can easily absorb things that are taught to them. That is why children are taught the basics of life and of the world back in pre-school. The list of lessons usually taught are good manners and right conduct, the basics of life, and how to interact with other people.

With the high rate of discrimination happening in the world, an anti-discrimination watchdog in the United Kingdom has been urging the educational system in the country to look into things and start to hone children to be better people. By teaching how important immigration and immigrants are to the UK as early as now, children would be able to better absorb the lessons and not be rude individuals to those who are new to the country.

The issue of racial injustice

The country’s Prime Minister has not been silent when it comes to her plans of taking racial injustice out of the picture in the country. This is quite a timely issue especially with the huge number of incidents on discrimination that is happening in the United States and making news worldwide. According to the Prime Minister, she is working on ways to make sure that her mission of taking out racial injustice out of the picture in Britain would be done.

On this, a watchdog on anti-discrimination in the country has spoken. They say that the best way to do that would be to make sure that future generations are taught of just how important immigration is to the country. The earlier they are taught about it, the better it would be for everyone and for the country. By sowing the right seeds in their minds at an early age, they would grow up knowing that immigrants are not to be discriminated against.

Teaching the children

May has already mentioned that she is working on the issue of inequalities in the country. For her, she said that it is her personal priority to make sure that the curriculum in education systems around the country would be including immigration and how this has helped make the country into what it is today. The watchdog has been pushing for the Prime Minister to work on this statement.

By teaching the children immigration and everything that comes with it, any prejudice and negative attitude would be taken out of the picture. This would help instill in the children that it is good to make sure that immigrants are made part of the new community that they are in.

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