Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Want To Be An Immigrant In Canada? Check New Opportunity Stream For Alberta

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For all of those individuals who are looking for opportunities or ways to actually be an immigrant in Canada, there is good news. Canadian immigration has once again opened up an opportunity for individuals to go to Canada as immigrants and also have the capacity to work there. Of course, this one would be far easier in terms of process as it is a program of the government. However, those who would like to be immigrants in Canada through this program would have to follow the rules and that means working in Alberta and not in any other province or city.

To those who are really interested in being an immigrant in Canada, this would be the best time for them to grab such an opportunity. See, this means a lot less rigorous process to be able to go to Canada so that would mean a lot less hassle too. It would also mean being able to have a job there which is also important to be able to sustain day-to-day expenses.

A new opportunity opens

There is something new brewing in Alberta, Canada and it is known as the Opportunity Stream. It has been recently announced to the public by the authorities from the Immigration department of Canada. For this new stream for immigration, the focus would be Alberta and applications will be open for those individuals who are interested. Come the 2nd of January next year, the immigration department will start to accept those applications. This is all part of the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (which is also known as the AINP for short).

With this new opportunity for immigrants, those who are interested may find a shorter route to become a permanent resident of the country. This is available for all those foreign workers who are currently working in the province. The selection of those who would be part of the opportunity would be based on the selection system of the federal government’s Express Entry. Once they pass the application process, they can now use this to get permanent residence in Canada.

Replacing two AINP streams

Two of the current AINP streams will be taken out of the picture once the new Opportunity stream becomes official and functioning. The two streams that will be removed will be the Strategic Recruitment stream as well as the Employer-Driven stream. Since the new one is still not in effect, any applications that will be received under these two streams will be accepted. Processing will still continue even after the new one is in place. However, the only difference once January 2, 2018 comes is that there will be no applications accepted come this time.

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