Wednesday, October 25, 2017

UK Watchdog Claims Britain Will Have Struggle With Borders, Immigrants

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For years, the government of the United Kingdom has been pushing for changes that they believe will help make the country a lot better. In the coming months, the chances of these changes to come true are quite likely to happen. One of the biggest changes that the UK government has been pushing for would be the country’s exit from the European Union. This has gotten quite a lot of people choosing sides and looking into just what could be the effects if this happens.

According to a UK watchdog, the country’s government may be happy that the changes that they are looking for is highly likely to happen. However, what the government does need to understand, as per the watchdog, would be the struggle that the country would be going through after the exit happens. The changes that they are promising would be quite difficult to deliver especially in terms of immigrants and in terms of border control. How this will go about is something that the world would be seeing in the near future if the exit really does become reality.

The possible effects

According to Meg Hillier, the government of Britain will highly be having difficulties with the border control that they have been trying to achieve for a long time now. The exit that they have been working on for so long may seem highly likely to happen and that should not be enough time to prepare for the changes that would come with it. Hillier works as the chairwoman of the committee on Commons public accounts of the UK.

As per a report that was sent out by the National Audit Office, the Labour MP actually had a say on what the report had disclosed. The report had mentioned that there will be quite an increase that would have effects to the country. One of these would be the need for more workforce to actually push through with the border patrol and all other jobs that are associated with border watch. The National Audit Office is the country’s watchdog on expenses.

Manning the borders

Because the UK government has been pushing for the exit, it is now looking at solving this possible problem. According to them, it is working on measures to make sure that there is enough manpower for the jobs that would be needed for border control. However, it is important to understand that in the past four years, the workforce for border duties have been cut by 4%. So this means that there is a long way to go for the government to fill in the needed people to get everything running smoothly. it is a huge plan for the country and it also means that it is something that they need to really think over before pushing for it.

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