Friday, October 13, 2017

Rise In New Zealand Immigration Numbers Reflect Need For More Local Training

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The immigration numbers in New Zealand are continuing to rise as we speak. It has been going on for some time now. And it is not surprising as the country has a lot of wonderful things to offer. Plus, as an uninhabited land once, this country definitely is not looking at immigration as a bad thing but instead, it looks at immigration as a blessing. Without immigration, this country will still continue to be the uninhabited land that it once was.

Recently, one would be able to find quite a number of data and news and stories that show just how popular New Zealand is when it comes to immigration. The country has been breaking record after record after record when it comes to immigration numbers and not a lot of people are raising any eyebrows anymore as this has become quite a natural occurrence. This country definitely is one of the top immigration destinations of present time.

The reliance on immigration

It is not surprising if New Zealand has become quite reliant on immigration. After all, the country was built because of immigrants. However, this time around, immigration is what the country needs to be able to fulfill all the needed vacancies for workers that could not be filled up by the locals of the country. This is what makes the country reliant on immigration and immigrants.

According to Pita Paraone, it is important that the next government to be taking seat in New Zealand should address this problem with reliance on immigrants. She stated that the next people to be in office should look for a solution so that the country would not need immigrants for most of the labor needed to be fulfilled. The country should also be looking for ways so that it would be sufficient when it comes to population growth. Paraone is the current First MP of New Zealand and is soon to finish her service.

The New Zealand immigration numbers

As per the numbers from Statistics New Zealand, from the start of the year right until the end of August, the country was able to login 132,200 individuals who came to the country as immigrants. This is a record number for this period.

If the trend continues, by the year 2023, immigrants in the country who have hailed from Asia would take a greater part of the population. This is as per the current trend and studies done with the data available.

If the government finds a good solution to population growth, this should help the country not rely too much on immigrants. Also, programs to train locals on the needed skills for the jobs available in the country should be set in place so that there is no need to look further beyond the borders of the country.

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