Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Experts Urge New Zealand Gov’t To Take Control Of Immigration

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To have the right amount of control over the things happening in a country is really not a necessity until it becomes one. There are various factors happening in a country like New Zealand and the government usually takes control of how things run only when things are starting to run crazy or when government intervention is needed.

In this case, there are experts who have been looking at the immigration situation in New Zealand and they believe that the country’s government should be looking at having control over it. This does not really mean being too strict that nobody else can pass through but it should more or less look into having control over the requirements and making sure that these requirements are met by all of those immigrants coming in.

The study on such has been all because of a recent piece of news that was sent out by the Statistics New Zealand, the country’s official agency that works with data and numbers. This new bit has shown that in the upcoming 20 years, there would be some really noteworthy numbers coming. That is, if the government continues with its current control on immigration.

What the numbers say

As per the numbers that the Statistics New Zealand had shown, in the coming 20 years, there will be a high increase for all of the immigrants from Asia. This will be the group with the highest increase. There will be around 1.2 million individuals from this group who would be choosing New Zealand as their new home.

Aside from that, the Maori would also be experiencing over a million for the same time frame.

As per the European and other group, the numbers for this group would be going to a high of 3.6 million to 4 million by the year 2038. This is definitely higher as compared to the 3.3 million population that this group has for the year 2013. This is currently one of the biggest groups in New Zealand as of present and it holds 75 per cent of the population as per 2013 numbers. However, it will be decreasing to 66 per cent by the year 2038.

The population story

Experts have also continued to work with the numbers and the estimate would be around 6.3 million total population in the country when 2038 comes around.

On this, Paul Spoonley says that the government should now start to take control over the immigration policies of NZ. The best way to keep the country going as it currently is right now would be to make sure that the population does not stay only in the urban areas. Instead, the government should make sure that people are spread evenly across the whole country and right where individuals are needed. Spoonley is a sociology professor in Massey University.

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