Friday, November 3, 2017

Auckland, New Zealand’s Growth In Population Attributed To Immigration

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The rich history of New Zealand is perhaps one of the top reasons why it continues to welcome those who may be interested in living there as immigrants. One cannot simply put aside the fact that without immigration, New Zealand will never become the country that it is today. It is currently one of the most popular immigration destinations in the whole world. Many are planning and wishing to live there and enjoy everything that the country has to offer. After all, this country is rich in nature and is also owner of one of the strongest economies in the world.

The Auckland story

With Auckland being one of the most popular cities in the country, one need not be surprised at just how much people choose to live here are compared to all other areas of the country. It is currently one of the most populous places there and immigration plays a huge part in the rise of people living there. That is not surprising as many people have that belief that staying in the big cities can help them get more chances of getting jobs that are high paying as compared to living in the rural areas.

The country, as a whole, has a population that is already aging. However, taking a trip through Auckland data, one would be able to see that this city has been filled with quite a huge lot of young individuals. This definitely reflects the belief that the city has more opportunities and more options for those who are starting out their careers. This situation is not just real in New Zealand but it is also quite the reality in all other big cities around the globe.

The numbers and what they say

Statistics New Zealand is the official branch of the government that deals with data and numbers. The latest numbers released by the agency has shown that Auckland has a population that is continuing to grow. Its current rate is 2.6 per cent for every year. Compared to all other parts of the country, this is the fastest so far.

The numbers have also continued to show that this big city in NZ is owner of the media age in the whole nation that is the lowest. Half of the populace in this city is below 34 years old. This sure is a reflection of the fact that many younger individuals are choosing the big cities to live in and discover just what they want in life.

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