Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Visas For Refugees Of Climate Change Being Studied By New Zealand Gov’t

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Climate change may seem like a myth to only a handful of people but it can definitely be felt by the huge part of the population of the world. There are studies about it and there has been a lot of research about it. Climate change is real and not being able to recognize that will definitely bring about even more catastrophic effects that the world would not want to happen.

The New Zealand government believes that climate change is real and that they can do something about those who are gravely affected by this. The minister of the country has stated that they can be working on a program to help those individuals out. They are pushing for an experimental humanitarian visa category and bring in those individuals as immigrants in New Zealand. This visa category can be brought to the public and should help firstly those individuals who are being removed from their homes because of the rising oceans and seas. Many are being displaced because of this and the New Zealand government is willing to help.

What the NZ government is looking into

One of the places in the world that has been greatly affected by climate change would be those who have been living in the Pacific Islands area. These are the islands that can be found in the Pacific Ocean. These are quite small islands and so rising seas can definitely affect the residents of those places really well. Little by little, the land is becoming engulfed by the waters. By creating a visa category for those displaced by climate change, the New Zealand government believes that it would be a great way to help those that are affected.

If the new category becomes reality, this would bring to life the promise made by the country’s Green party. During the campaign period, this group has been vocal about creating a policy that would help give 100 visas to individuals who have been affected negatively by climate change. If this pushes through, many individuals would be happy to get those visas and be immigrants in New Zealand.

This new visa category

James Shaw works as the leader of the Green party. On this possible new visa category, he believes that this category which is also experimental and humanitarian is going to benefit a lot of individuals. Once it is implemented, those individuals from the Pacific islands would be thankful that they were able to get off what could be considered as sinking islands because of climate change. There is still a long way to go to get this going and the party is fully intent on putting their efforts into it. That way, once the program is in action, helping those who need help the most can be achieved.

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