Monday, November 27, 2017

Global Study Ranks Canada 4th Out Of 50 Countries

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A global study of countries has been recently done and it has shown that Canada is one of the top countries in the whole world. In fact, the study has concluded with Canada placing fourth out of the 50 countries that were included in the study. This ranking has got Canada tied with Japan, another one of the strongest and best countries in the world at present. And this is something that immigrants see in Canada and that is what makes them choose this country to be their new home.

The study is the recent Anhold-Gfk Nations Brands Index SM research which is also more known as NBISM. It has been studying just how well countries are as compared to each other. Although Canada may have gotten the fourth spot, it is still Germany that takes the top tier. The United States of America used to hold the top place but now, Germany made sure that it took that rank this time around. The US has fallen from the top and went straight to the sixth. The second spot now belongs to France and the United Kingdom is the owner of the third place.

Topping three categories out of six

The study that has been done showed that Canada still is on top of the game in three categories out of the six total that were measured and studied. These three categories that Canada has taken the top spot are Immigration/Investment, Governance, and People. This is the second time in two consecutive years that the country has taken the top rank for these. This goes to show consistency in the past two years.

It is a good thing that Canada is able to get the top spots for such as it reflects just how well they are able to keep its standards high. It also is a reflection of just how good the government is in making sure that the country is at the top of its game. Many countries would experience ups and downs in terms of ranking but, so far, Canada has been able to get it right.

People’s perception of Canada

People were asked about how they perceived Canada to be. Respondents had disclosed that if Canada were a person, they would want to be close friends with it. They also revealed that if they were to visit the country, they feel like they would be really be welcome to visit there. In any case a Canadian would apply for a job with them, respondents said that they would be very willing to hire them especially if the Canadian would be quite qualified.

This just shows that people have high respect for Canada and Canada has made people perceive them to be quite welcoming and warm.

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