Thursday, November 16, 2017

British Construction Workers Eyed By New Zealand As Immigrant Workers Once Exit From EU Happens

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Although there are a lot of people who are not happy about the plans of the United Kingdom government to push through with exiting from the European Union, there are also groups and countries that are seemingly going to benefit from this. Many believe that the exit would not bring any kind of good to the UK although there are plenty others who think that it will benefit the country. Aside from those, there are also countries that have been waiting for this to take place. One of those countries that are in wait is New Zealand and it is eyeing British workers after the exit happens.

With the exit, what the New Zealand government is planning on doing is to actually hope to bring and attract thousands in number of construction workers in the United Kingdom. The country is hoping to attract these individuals to be immigrant workers on their soil. At present, the new NZ government has plans – really big plans – and that is a program on housing as well as infrastructure. The target is quite high and so it means there is a need for more workers.

The shortage on skilled construction workers

Taking a look at a statement from the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (or also known as the BCITO), NZ has a shortage when it comes to construction workers with the right skills. It is also needing around 65,000 individual workers in the coming five years so that those who would leave the industry may be easily replaced. These workers will not be looking for jobs as the projects that are part of the construction program is quite huge and so the workers will be quite busy and have a lot of things to do. The BCITO is an appointment group by the NewZealand government that handles talents for the building and construction industry in the country.

Since New Zealand is unable to find local skilled workers for the construction industry, the government had to look someplace else. With the UK being unstable still because of the looming possibly of the exit, NZ is hoping to attract those who are uncertain about their future in the UK to be immigrants in the NZ and provide their skills and talents to the building and construction industry here.

The huge NZ program

The construction program in New Zealand is quite big. The campaign that is known as the LookSee Build NZ needs a lot of workers and it entails working with a $125 NZ billion worth of infrastructure projects in the coming ten years. That is definitely big and the time is short. So to be able to fulfill that promise of bringing the best projects, the government definitely needs backup and the UK skilled construction workers may just be the answer to this dilemma.

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