Monday, November 6, 2017

Highest Rate Of Immigrants Among Canadians Recorded

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Canada is currently one of the most open countries when it comes to immigration. It has been welcoming quite a huge number of individuals each year to its soil. Unlike other countries which have imposed a maximum limit of immigrants per year, this country in North America has put a minimum to the number of the immigrants that they would allow in. This means that the more immigrants that they can bring in, the better it would be.

At present, the Census of 2016 shows numbers that prove just how huge immigration is in Canada. The numbers reflect that there are more and more immigrants coming to the country as compared to previous years. It also showed that there are even more minorities that are visible as well as more people with indigenous origins. This is definitely a reflection of just how open Canada is when it comes to immigrants. It does not look at a person’s race or color or gender or preference to allow them inside the country.

Highest rate of immigrants recorded

Indeed, there are a lot of immigrants in Canada as per the numbers in the 2016 census. The share that they take has reached the highest rate that has ever been recorded in almost a hundred years. The 2016 figures from the census have been released by Statistics Canada just recently. Statistics Canada works as the official branch of the government that focuses on data and statistics in the country. Thus, numbers that come from this branch are considered to be official.

There are also more and more indigenous people in the country and it is continuing to grow. The growth of this group has been recorded at over four times the usual rate that has been recorded for those that do not belong to the group. In 2016 alone, the amount of indigenous individuals in Canada has amounted to almost 1.7 million.

The current census has focused on immigration and how it affects the Canadian population. It also dealt with diversity in ethnic and cultural groups. It also took into detail housing figures as well as indigenous individuals.

The immigration story

Figures from the 2016 census show that of all the Canadians, 21.9 per cent of these have stated that they were an immigrant or were an immigrant or had a permanent residency status. This percentage was nearly close to the 22.3 per cent of immigrants in Canada that were recorded back in 1921. This number is also an increase of 19.8 per cent as compared to the previous year.

The numbers of the study continued to see what could possibly happen in the future. According to Statistics Canada, they are looking at around 30% of the Canadian population being composed of immigrants come the year 2036.

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