Wednesday, November 29, 2017

New Zealand Immigration Numbers Continue To Fall, Steep Dip Predicted

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For the past years, the immigration numbers in New Zealand has been skyrocketing. There were times when people may have said that there is no stopping the rise in the numbers in immigration for the country. However, what these people did not put into consideration is that there will come a time when that continued increase will reach its maximum and it will then steady into a plateau. When that happens, it means that the only way to go would be down.

This is now happening for immigration in New Zealand. The plateau has been reached and the numbers are starting to go down. Right now, the numbers have shown a small drop when it comes to the total for immigration. However, there are some experts who have been looking at the data and the trends and they believe that this small drop just might become a steep dip in the coming months.

What the experts are seeing

According to the experts who have looked into the trends and the numbers for immigration in New Zealand, they are predicting that the decline will continue to go down and will have a greater downward movement by the coming year. This study was done by Westpac and the group believes that by the year 2021, the net of the numbers could go down to 10,000. This number is definitely a huge difference from what the country is currently enjoying. This is, in fact, just a seventh of the current numbers.

Right now, the numbers of annual migration went to a low total of 70,694. In ten months for the year, this is definitely the lowest that it has reached. This number has been recorded using the data from the start of this year up until October’s end. The top number that the immigration rate has reached is 72,402 and this is from the period of the start of 2017 right up until the end of July. This is as per data from Statistics NZ which has released the current data.

What is happening in immigration

As per research done by Economist Infometrics, the group was able to note that there were a lot less individuals coming to the country holding resident visas. There were also changes done to the rules of immigration to the country and that has made the number of immigrant students go down. The current numbers show that it is definitely around 4,000 short as compared to the height of student immigration numbers that were recorded a year earlier.

What could be the cause of such huge decreases is because of the stricter requirements that the New Zealand government has put into place. It has given higher points for those who are skilled immigrants. Lower points were also given for resident visas that were based on family.

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