Thursday, November 23, 2017

More UK Visas Available For Non-EU Individuals After Brexit

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For those who are interested in being an immigrant in the United Kingdom, this is definitely good news. As per recent news, the UK government is planning on increasing the number of visas that are offered twice. This would be offered to those individuals who are not citizens of the European Union. The government is targeting on giving these visas to those individuals who have skills and experience in various industries that they have put their sights on. The list of industries includes the arts and creative and the technology industries.

Theresa May, the country’s Prime Minister, has recently announced this. As per her announcement, this move is all part of the strategy that she is putting in place once the exit from the European Union happens. This would also be a reflection of her goal of showing that the country is accepting and open for all of those talented individuals from around the globe. Those who may want to be in the country and find opportunities there would definitely find this to be quite interesting.

The increase in visas

The government of Britain is planning on increasing twice the current number the visas that would be given via Tier 1, which is also known as the Exceptional Talent route. Currently, Tier 1 has 1000 visas per year. Once the exit happens, it will then be increased to 2000 per year. The government is hoping that this would be enough to get the attention of the best as well as the brightest individuals that the globe has to offer.

According to Prime Minister May, the move is hoping to bring in more of the individuals who are talented and skilled in digital technology. After all, the world is now in the digital age and to be able to compete well, the UK must have the best individuals to do the work and break the barriers. With more visas available, the country just may well be able to get the immigrant workers and talents that they are hoping to attract.

Open for business

May, in her announcement, mentioned that the country is preparing for the exit from the European Union. Despite this move, May shared that this move to add more visas for skilled immigrants is a way of saying that the country will continue to be open for business and that it will continue to grow. By adding more visas to be given out to those who can contribute to the country’s industries, it is a way of making sure that the businesses and industries in the UK do not fail but will instead grow and develop and be even more competitive in the global market. The future is bright for the country despite its big move of exiting the EU and the government is keen on making sure that the future continues to shine for the UK.

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