Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Canada And The State Of Immigration In The Country

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As one of the most popular immigration destinations in the world, Canada has not been putting maximum limits to the number of immigrants that it is welcoming each year. There are countries which have imposed that especially those who are also quite popular when it comes to immigrants. What Canada has done instead is to put a minimum limit to the number of immigrants that it will be accepting.

With this in mind, just how is the country’s immigration as of present? As long as the country is accepting immigrants, these immigrants are also changing the landscape of the country. What are the effects and how is Canada doing with all the immigrants? Experts say that Canada would not be pushing for a minimum limit when it comes to immigrants if these individuals are not bringing anything beneficial to the country. Truth is, the country needs immigrants and that is why the gates are all open for them.

What are the numbers saying?

Recent numbers from the Canadian census have reflected that the country is quite diverse and it is becoming more and more diverse with more and more immigrants coming in. The numbers also reflected that the country’s number of immigrants living there is the highest recorded so far in around a century. That definitely shows just how much accommodating the country is when it comes to immigrants. For every five Canadians, one is an immigrant. Some of these have already been awarded a permanent resident status.

From 2011 until 2016, there were more than 1.2 million individuals who have found Canada as their new home. Most of them have come to the country first as skilled individuals who can help with the country’s economy. There are also more minorities now. More than 22% of the entire population is made up of these minorities. This is also as per the numbers from the Canadian census.

The diversity in Canada

It is not surprising that Canada is quite known for its diversity. In other countries, they would choose to make sure that diversity is something that would not happen especially if the factors that would bring in diversity would be immigrants. In Canada, it is not the case. Here, diversity is embraced and that is what attracts even more immigrants to come.

Diversity in the country can be seen even in the culture itself. There are plenty of immigrants now coming from the Middle East, from Asia, and even from Africa. The bureau of the country that works with numbers have given a rough estimate that if the current trends in the population continue, by the year 2036, the country may be having immigrants making up 30% of the entire population.

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