Thursday, November 2, 2017

UK Population May Hit 70M By 2029, Thanks To Immigration

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How a country prepares for anything that could happen is all because of detailed analysis and study of current trends, previous data, and working out the numbers. By checking out patterns and working on the numbers, analysts and experts have been able to foresee just what could happen in the future. With that, the country’s government can easily prepare for what is to come or can do something about it right now so that it does not happen in the future.

In the case of immigration in the UnitedKingdom, experts have been looking at the current trends and seeing just what could possibly happen in the near future. According to a study that was done recently, the population of Britain would be going up by 3.6 million individuals in around ten years. That is an increase of 5.5 per cent from the current population that the country has. By the middle of 2029, which is more or less a dozen years away, the country would then have a total population of 70 million.

The study that was done

It was the UK’s Office for National Statistics that was behind the study. The ONS is the biggest group in the country that works with data and statistics and it is the official agency that works the numbers. What they did was they did a forecast using the current data. It took into consideration life expectancy in the country, fertility, as well as immigration as this takes a huge part in the country’s population situation.

As per the study’s results, the ONS had come to the conclusion that in the coming ten years, 46 per cent of the growth in British population would be because of more individuals being born. There would be more births as compared to deaths. The remaining 54 per cent of the population growth would be because of the high amount of immigration. This definitely reflects that there are more and more immigrants coming to the country. Without immigration, the population may only grow so much if the country was to rely entirely on births.

The current numbers

Taking a look at the statistics on immigration in the UK, the net for the year up until the end of March amounted to 246,000 individuals. That number already includes the 127,000 individuals who have come to the country from the European Union. 179,000 individuals came from other countries in the world. Of the total, 60,000 were those who have left Britain.

Despite the number of those who have left the country, the amount of those coming in the UK still is high. And so it is not surprising that the numbers would definitely go high up in the coming years.

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