Friday, November 24, 2017

Survey Reflects What New Zealand Immigrants See

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New Zealand has welcomed quite a huge number of immigrants in the past several years. And to those who have no idea just what these immigrants are seeing in New Zealand, the results of a recent survey has shown just what immigrants really find in New Zealand and what makes it quite attractive that these people have chosen it to be their new home.

The global standing of New Zealand is actually quite excellent and that is according to a study that was recently done and released to the public. The author of the study, Simon Anholt, mentioned that the standing actually of New Zealand can be described as to be in “excellent shape”. Not many countries can be compared to that of NZ’s. The study was an international reputation index and Anholt was behind it. It is known as the Anholt-Gfk Nation Brands Index, which is also known as BNI. The author continued that the results actually show that the country is quite consistent in being able to show more than what is expected of it.

The ratings

According to the results of the BNI, New Zealand got a rating of 63.7 out of 100 points overall. It also ranked on the 14th spot. There were 50 nations that were included in the study. This is a good spot as there were a variety of categories that were included in the study.

The study puts a rating on the various countries that are included. There are six dimensions where the countries are given ratings. Among the categories, for the one on natural beauty, New Zealand got second spot. Not surprising as the country has been known for keeping its natural beauty quite intact. Among the various natural sites that one would be able to see in New Zealand include Mount Taranaki, the Fox Glacier Cave, the Southern Alp Peaks, Lake Wakatipu, Sterling Falls, Shotover River Canyons, Whakarewarewa Redwood Forest, Franz Josef Glacier, and Bridal Veil Falls. Not a lot of countries can keep their natural resources and natural spots quite well as New Zealand does.

The appeal of New Zealand

Aside from the natural beauty that New Zealand boasts of, the country has also been given quite good ratings for good governance, strong investment, as well as a growing sector in export. Many have admired just how well the country handles these categories and that is reflected in the index’s results.

Anholt disclosed that New Zealand may not seem like the country that would really compete with the big nations that the world really knows about. However, the country really did do more than what it was expected to get in the study. Despite it having quite a small population as compared to the big ones out there, the ratings of the country is quite impressive.

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