Tuesday, November 14, 2017

New Canada Immigration Program To Target Tech Talent

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The need for more high technology skilled and talented individuals is high in Canada right now. The country’s government has already done its share in trying to find such individuals right in the country. However, the demand is high and the supply is few. That is why this government has now spread its scope of searching even further and included all other countries in the world – all in search for those high tech talented individuals who would be able to fill up the positions needed by companies in the country.

What the government of Canada has done is to create a pilot program. This new program has been put together with the idea of allowing those foreign workers be able to find the necessary jobs in Canada. Once they are able to find the job that they can do and get employed by the company, these workers can now become worker immigrants in Canada. The pilot program has, so far, brought over 1,600 individuals in the two months and a half that this has been running, which makes it quite a successful program so far.

The program and its basics

The program has been put together and released by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, the country’s official branch that deals with movement and residency in the country. This entire program will be running for two years only so as to be able to help, during this period, all of those companies that need those individuals to do the tech work. The main goal here is to fill up all those positions and get the jobs done so that these businesses can grow and expand. Businesses that continue to grow are beneficial to the country and to the economy and that is why the Canadian government is quite supportive of these and their needs.

The whole program is known as the Global Skills Strategy. With this one, immigrant workers in Canada would have a lot less time to wait around to get a work permit. The whole process could only take weeks rather than the usual period which is several months. Those immigrant workers in the country because of this program can easily bring their family members of immediate stature to Canada as well.

How it has been running so far

Navdeep Bains works as the minister for the Canadian branch on innovation, science, and economic development. On the Global Skills Strategy, he says that so far, the feedback from the private businesses and companies that have been getting immigrant workers through the program have given positive feedback. This goes to reflect that the program is working well and the goal is slowly being achieved.

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