Friday, November 17, 2017

Permanent Residency For Immigrant Workers In Canada Pushed By Mushroom Industry

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The truth about immigration in Canada is simply not just because the country is open and welcoming to all of those who are looking for a new country that they would call their new home. Immigration in Canada is happening because the country is in need of immigrants. So this is a win-win situation for both parties. Immigrants are looking for a new country. Canada is in need of immigrants. It is definitely beneficial for both ends.

The reasons for Canada being open to immigrants are varied. There is the issue on the aging population that needs the new blood of the new immigrants in the country. And then there is also the need for more workers who will keep on and bring the Canadian economy to greater heights.

Recently, the mushroom growing industry has spoken out and it is also in need of more workers as well. Since the country is open to immigrants, it is pushing that the government do something about it and help those working in the industry to receive permanent residency as quickly as those who in other worker programs that the country has.

The mushroom industry in Canada

One may not notice it but the mushroom industry in Canada is quite a booming one. It is estimated to be worth $1 billion CAN and so it definitely helps a big deal with the country’s economy. The constant dilemma that the industry does have though is that it is often in need of laborers and workers. The workforce in this industry is not stable and a recent report has shown that if the industry is to further grow and be bigger, it has to have a stable group of workers to support it.

What the mushroom industry is pushing for is for Ottawa to actually provide easy permanent residency status to those immigrant workers who are already doing their share. The current number of immigrant workers in the mushroom industry is an estimated 870 individuals. By providing these individuals permanent residency, these individuals would be staying in the country, would not have to worry about any visas expiring, would not have to worry about getting deported, and would be happier. Once workers are happy, they are known to do more. And that would be beneficial for the businesses, the industry, the economy, and the country.

No stability for the industry

So far, this industry is not yet stable because it does not have a set of laborers who are always there and doing the work. There are a lot of vacancies and so the jobs are not done completely. If this continues to happen, the whole mushroom industry may just have to be in hot water and that is something that can be avoided once the government acts on it right away. This is as per a report that was released recently by Mushrooms Canada. Mushrooms Canada is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the whole mushroom growing industry.

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