Wednesday, November 15, 2017

UK Immigration Numbers Should Not Include International Students

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It is not a secret that there are a lot of individuals who make their way to the United Kingdom each year to get the education that they want to attain. Most of these students are in the country for higher education. This is not a surprise as the country is home to some of the top universities in the whole world. The list of universities and colleges in the UK that are world-class include Lancaster University, University of Warwick, Durham University, University of St. Andrews, University of Oxford, and the University of Cambridge.

These students who come to the country are not few. In fact, they come in tens of thousands each year so one can definitely imagine the huge amount of international students that Britain has. These international students affect the UK’s immigration numbers as they are included in the data. Recently, there has been a move to make the immigration numbers not include these students. That means, if these students would be removed from the equation, the immigration numbers in the UK would definitely go down.

The target for immigration

Amber Rudd is currently the country’s Home Secretary. Rudd has been pushing for the move to take out international students from being counted from the target of reduced immigration which is a new policy by the UK government. For Rudd, not counting in the international students is a necessity as this would lessen the chances of the UK government from getting defeat. This is in preparation for the House of Commons when it discusses the new program after the country pushes through with its plans of exiting the European Union.

The only problem with this proposal from Rudd is that Theresa May, the country’s Prime Minister, has her own impression on the numbers and May believes that international students should be included in the total number of immigration in the country. After all, these individuals are considered to be immigrants merely basing on the term’s basic definition. So to go with Rudd or to go with May is a current dilemma that the officials of the government are facing and pondering over.

In the hopes of a reconsideration

What Rudd is hoping for is a reconsideration on the issue at hand from the Prime Minister. Rudd is leaning on the exploitative student visas and the reformation that has happened to them during May’s terms when she still worked as the Home Secretary of the UK. This is what Rudd is hoping for and is basing on.

Rudd is not alone in this cause. There are other politicians who are also keen on giving Rudd the support that she needs and wants regarding the issue. And these politicians are more than happy to state their share of thoughts on the issue.

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