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70% Of Growth Of Canada’s Population In 2017’s Last Quarter, Thanks To Immigration

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Canada has been one of the top destinations for immigrants for many years. It has been on top of most lists of those individuals looking for a potential country to go to. This is not surprising as it is located right where the best things are happening. After all, it is located right where the height of today’s civilization is located. It has been known all around the globe for being open to immigrants and for having a good economy. With most immigrants looking for a new country with a good and strong economy, this is why most people are really interested in being in Canada.

For the fourth quarter of last year, 2017, the data in Canada has shown that the immigration level has definitely gone quite high. This number is definitely recorded to be the second highest level and rate, and the highest ever recorded was back in the year 1991. This definitely reflects just how good Canada is in the eyes of potential immigrants from all around the world.

The case of international immigration in Canada

For the last quarter of 2017, the rate of international immigration in the country has definitely gone high up. Because of the huge number of immigrants coming to the country, the growth of the population of the country has also gone high. In fact, immigrants have taken for almost 70% of the whole population of the country and this definitely shows just how much immigrants the country has welcomed to their soil. This is as per the data Statistics Canada has been able to compile for October, November, and December of 2017.

In a statement from the agency of the Canadian government, the growth in the population of the country has been mainly driven by international immigration and migration. This means that the data comes from immigrants, those individuals who have returned to the country, as well as the average of the temporary residents of the country. There is definitely movement in Canada when it comes to immigration and it just shows that plenty of individuals are choosing Canada and making their way to the country.

Analysis from Statistics Canada

According to Statistics Canada, the official agency of the country that deals with numbers, the population for the country has gone up during the last quarter of last year by 0.2%. That is equivalent to 78,805 individuals. The agency declared that almost 70% of that increase is all thanks to an increase in the immigration of international residents to the country. The agency continued to disclose that this huge amount of increase is really not that common to happen for such a period. It is rarely seen but it does happen to a country.

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