Monday, March 26, 2018

Study On Happiness Reveals Immigration Does Not Affect Happiness Of Locals In The UK

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Although some residents of the United Kingdom are not happy with having immigrants on their soil, it seems like they are just the noisy minority. As per a study that was done recently, it seems like happiness of the locals of Britain are not really affected by the number of immigrants that are living in the United Kingdom. The average happiness, as per the study’s results, is not really affected by immigration. This is a new study and it has been put together by some of the world’s economists. This study also has the support of the United Nations.

With immigration quite a big issue in many countries around the world, the study on happiness definitely is quite a good one to have. It definitely looks into just how immigration and immigrants can change the happiness index of a person or of locals in the country. And so far, as per the latest numbers, in the United Kingdom, happiness is definitely not dependent on immigrants and immigration.

The World Happiness Report

The study is known as the World Happiness Report. It is deemed as one of the most complete and wide-ranging studies done in its category. The results have reflected that immigration in the United Kingdom does not affect residents’ happiness. Remarkably consistent is what the report has been able to find out regarding the effect of immigration on the satisfaction overall for locals.

The World Happiness Report has defined happiness using six factors. These factors are healthy life expectancy, freedom, generosity, trust, social support, and income. To be able to see just how immigrants and immigration affect happiness, the factors were compared and studied against the rate of immigration that the United Kingdom has been experiencing for a period. The study used 2005 up until 2017 for its timeframe and for the basis on data. Contentment of the residents of Britain was definitely not affected in any way by immigration no matter how high or low.

The analysis of the study

Analysis of the data that they have studied revealed that immigration that is managed well by the government can rather affect the country in a positive light. As long as it is managed well, it can bring benefits that can be meaningful and can add to the overall happiness of the people in the country. Immigrants can really be in a country and not do harm to it but instead help with bringing in more benefits not only to the residents but also to the whole country as well.

Immigrants are also happy with their move to a new country and that brings about a positive effect to the new country that they are in as these people are known to be hard working and are ready to take on the challenges that come with living a new life.

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