Friday, March 23, 2018

Canada Citizenship Ceremony Awards 50 Immigrants

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Fifty immigrants were more than happy to be part of the citizenship ceremony in Canada. This means that they are now granted permanent residency status and are now considered to be true blue Canadians. The ceremony had happened last Wednesday at the country’s Multicultural Association of Fredericton’s Wellness Centre. After all of the requirements and everything that they had to go through to get to this stage, these individuals definitely are quite ecstatic.

Everything was definitely not smooth-sailing for these individuals. Taking care of all the requirements and the paperwork definitely took a lot of time and effort. That was just the tip of the iceberg. There were other processes to go through as well and it can take a toll on a person. However, those that were given the permanent residency status definitely had what it takes – the drive and the passion and the will to make things happen for them. That is why they have achieved their goal and are now proud to be called Canadian citizens.

Leaving Iraq and Syria

Lamia Al-Qaysi is one of those immigrants who had been awarded a permanent residency status by the Canadian government. Her smile may be quite big nowadays but the journey towards the goal was not quite easy. Al-Qaysi had first to leave Iraq as the United States had brought an invasion to the country back in 2003. She and her family made their way to Syria. In Syria, she had to then pack up and leave the country as well as there was a lot of turmoil there too. These two countries are torn by war and by a lot of problems and it definitely was not surprising for Al-Qaysi to make that big leap to Canada.

Al-Qaysi found her way towards Canada five years ago and she had her family with her during the move. They settled in New Brunswick when they arrived in the country. Thanks to her brother-in-law, Al-Qaysi had decided that New Brunswick, Canada was the place for them as he had been living there for 35 years before her.

Thankful people

The new citizens of Canada are happy to be called just that. Everything that they had to go through brought them to where they were now. Some have been more proud to say that Canada was a really good home to be in. Some have even disclosed that they already feel that they are already part of the nation and are happy to enjoy the perks and privileges that come with it. They are also more than happy to do their share of responsibilities as they are now full citizens of Canada. Their contributions are definitely going to be quite helpful to Canada and they are happy to take part in making Canada even better.

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