Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Lower Immigration Rates Means UK Must Up Its Game To Help Construction Industry

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The construction industry may not take the spotlight as like all other glamorous industries out there. This is because this industry basically is all about hard work. But the hard work that goes into this industry is very important as it helps provide one of the basic needs of people – and that is a roof or a shelter. And if this industry does fail or does not have enough workers, it will definitely cause a whole lot of problems that may not be really good for a country.

In the case of the United Kingdom, experts who are looking at the current phenomenon are saying that the construction industry in the country just may experience some trouble if the current trend of lowered immigration rates continues. This industry depends highly on immigrants to do the work as immigrants are really not that choosy when it comes to the type of job that they will be doing. Britons are not so keen on this and so immigrants become the best source of manpower for construction business owners. With lowered immigration rates, it definitely means that there would be a lot less people doing the work and so projects will be completed at a slower rate.

The warning that the UK government should listen to

Bloomberg, a private software company that works with data to provide market data, news, and analysis, has recently sent out a warning to the United Kingdom government regarding the noted decrease in the immigration rates in the country. According to the company, the construction industry in Britain will very much suffer if this continues as it will then be able to have only a limited number of workers to do the hard work. This would mean that workers will be in shortage and so projects will not continue to be completed as planned.

This warning has come after an analysis of the current data in the UK. Romanian workers are doing their best in the country. In every four of them, one is actually working in the construction industry. This is just for Romania alone. And this reflects just how much workers this industry needs. With more and more immigrants from EU nations leaving the UK because of the looming exit, the United Kingdom government should focus on working on bringing in more immigrants to make sure that there is no shortage of the workers, not only in the construction industry but in all other industries as well.

The effect of the looming exit

Bloomberg has also mentioned that of all of the people doing hard labor in the UK for the construction industry, a fifth of those are actually immigrants. That is definitely a huge amount and can bring in really negative effects to the country. With the exit coming up, the UK is actually going through a phase where the wages are going up. This is good for the workers but the businesses are not really quite happy about it.

The government should definitely look into this and see just how the needed immigrants can be brought to the country and do the work that is needed.

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