Friday, March 2, 2018

Minors Applying For Citizenship In Canada On Their Own Get Lower Fees

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A lot of people are doing their very best to make sure that they are able to become immigrants in Canada. Canadian immigration is definitely something that a lot of people wish for and work for. The country is quite open to such and so many people are able to make such dreams come true. However, keep in mind that becoming an immigrant in Canada is just one thing – becoming a citizen in Canada is yet another thing to work on.

Recently, news from Canada has it that the federal government of this North American country has worked on making sure that processing fees for those minors who are doing their best to become citizens of the country are lowered. Of course, this is not just for all minors who are applying to become a Canadian citizen. The lowered fee is only for those minors who are applying on their own. This reflects just how much the federal government is looking at situations and trying to help out those who may need the help.

A $430 difference on fees

As per the federal government of Canada, they are lowering the fees for those minors who are on their own when it comes to applying for a citizenship in the country. The current fee for ordinary individuals is $530. Now, those individuals who are qualified for the lowered rate would only have to pay a fee of $100. That is a $430 difference and that difference can help that individual a lot. The amount that they save can be used for a variety of things and that could include food and housing and all other basic necessities that they need as an immigrant in Canada.

The lowered fee actually is just about the same price for all of those minors who may be applying for citizenship in Canada at the very same time that their parents are also applying. It is also the same for those minors applying for citizenship in the country who have a parent that is a citizen of the country already.

Easier way to citizenship

According to the government of Canada, this move that they made is going to make becoming a citizen easier for those who are qualified to the huge discount. This includes those who are children that are also immigrants and are part of the welfare system. It also includes immigrant children who are currently in foster care. This would allow these individuals to easily become citizens without being too hard on the pocket.

The change in the fees would become real once the amendments are passed for the Citizenship Act. This will be happening by June of this year. It will be just a few more months of waiting and those minors who would want to take advantage of the changes would be able to use it.

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