Tuesday, March 6, 2018

New Zealand Passport Is One Of World’s Most Powerful

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To be a citizen in a country where the passport is one of the world’s most powerful is definitely a big thing. This is why many individuals who want to be immigrants are doing their very best to be able to move to those countries that may offer them something better than what they may already have in their current country.

New Zealand has recently been noted as the country with one of the world’s most powerful passports. In fact, it has placed seventh among all other countries in the world and this is for this year. 

As per the new study that has been recently concluded and published, New Zealand definitely has gotten to seventh place this year. The study is made based on how much travel a person holding such a passport can do without being asked for visas.

The power of the New Zealand passport

Being seventh in rank, holders of New Zealand passports can actually travel and go to 173 countries in the entire world without having to need a visa for those countries. The country is tied in the seventh spot along with the Czech Republic and Malta. This makes New Zealand passport holders quite lucky as they can travel to a whole lot of countries without having to go through the hassle of having to apply for visas for those countries. It would make traveling quite easier.

A year ago, the New Zealand passport was also in the seventh place. That year, holders of this passport were able to go to 153 countries without the need for a visa. The country was tied with Greece and Australia on that ranking. This year, however, Australia went up one spot higher and it is tied with Belgium and also with last year’s Greece. Australia went up one rank up as it allows its passport holders to get to one additional country as compared to holders of the New Zealand passport.

Others that made it to the powerful passport list

For 2018, the most powerful passports come from Singapore and Japan. Last year, Germany was at the top spot, Singapore was at fourth, and Japan was placed at fifth. Singapore and Japan definitely rushed to the top ranking this year.

The United Kingdom passport has remained on the same spot last year which was at fourth place. The same thing has happened for the USA passport which has sat at the fifth rank which was the same ranking for last year.

Holders of these powerful passports in the world definitely are quite happy to be owners of such.

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