Thursday, March 22, 2018

Immigration Changes In New Zealand Bring Lesser Workers For Dairy Farmers; Farmers Struggling With Tasks

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Owners of dairy farms in New Zealand are having a hard time finding the right people to do the jobs at their farms. This is not a good thing because it means that the jobs in the farms are not being completed. It may be okay if the produce in these places do not go to waste easily. However, it is not the case. Ask these farm owners and they have shared that this has been brought about the changes made to the policies in immigration to New Zealand. The changes have focused on individuals with higher skills and these individuals usually are not keen on working on farms as there are lot less laborious jobs that are open to them and they are qualified for.

The government of New Zealand had brought in new rules to the list of current ones last year. With that, immigrant workers who had jobs that required lower skills still can work in the country. But only up to three years. After those three years are up, they have to leave the country for a year before they can actually come back to New Zealand. Of course, to be able to return, they have to have to work on getting new visas.

NZ farms need immigrant workers

Owners of dairy farms have been calling for the government to do something about this as tasks are not completed. Indeed, huge gaps have been left behind by those immigrant workers who had to leave the country for a year. The owners are asking Immigration New Zealand to actually see and understand that immigrant workers are really important in dairy farms. The new policies are not helping dairy farm owners as expected.

Justin Geary works at the NZ Farm Management and what he does is he helps recruit workers who would be doing jobs in dairy farms. On the issue, he said that the changes definitely are becoming quite a challenge for them as well. He stated that there are a lot less individuals who are sending in their applications for dairy farm jobs. He also mentioned that there are a lot less skilled workers made for dairy farm work. Their company has noted a decline in terms of the skills on average.

Changes to immigration law

Shortages of immigrant workers can be really connected with the changes done to immigration laws. Geary has disclosed that there is not enough individuals that can be found who can be categorized to do a role as an assistant to farms because of the squeeze that has happened in New Zealand immigration rules. It is not going to be an easy fix but the government should also be looking at the issue as it is making work in dairy farms go slower than usual.

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