Friday, March 16, 2018

Below 100,000: Immigrants To UK From EU Go Low, Country Needs More Immigrants

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Many business owners and business groups have been quite concerned about the current state of immigration in the United Kingdom at present. It is not a secret that the country is already preparing for its exit from the European Union in a few months’ time and that is why even those individuals who may be affected by this move is also doing what they can so that they would not find themselves in hot water. With that, immigrants from nations of the European Union are starting to move out of the country and thus, the UK is now home to a lot less immigrants from this part of the world.

What business owners and groups are concerned about is that there are now signs that the labor industry is in need of more immigrants. The labor industry in the UK has immigrants and they make up a huge portion of it. With less of them around, employers have to do with the few that are remaining and that means that there are a lot less jobs completed. At present, the ONS has been able to record below 100,000 immigrants from the EU coming to the country when there were a lot more than that before.

A low level of immigrants from the EU

The data that had come from the ONS (or the Office for National Statistics) quite recently reflected that movement from EU nations has definitely gone down. More are leaving the country and there are a lot less immigrants coming in from this part of the world. Of course, it is important to understand that there are still a lot of immigrants coming from other countries in the world. However, EU immigrants used to make up a big portion of the total immigrant population in Britain.

For the first time since 2013, the number of immigrants from EU nations has gone down below 100,000. From the first day of 2018 right up until the end of September, the ONS was only able to record around 90,000 EU immigrants. And this is definitely a huge decrease. This has also affected many businesses and business owners are not happy about it. With that, there is a call for the UK government to do something about it and bring in more immigrants from other parts of the world so as to fill up the spots that have been left blank by the EU immigrants who have left.

The current situation

Tej Parikh works at the Institute of Directors as a senior economist and he says that the number of vacancies in the country is definitely one of the highest so far. There are a lot less unemployed individuals but still the need for more workers is high. Business owners are trying their very best to get the employees they need for their businesses to survive. The government is being called upon to look into the situation and work on it before everything gets worse.

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