Monday, March 12, 2018

Express Entry Immigration Candidates With Good CRS scores Get Invites From Ontario, Canada

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This lot of new invites for immigration candidates is supposed to be the largest so far for this year, 2018. The province of Ontario in Canada has sent out a total of 511 invitations through the Express Entry draw to those who have sent in their applications. Of course, this did not come with just an application. Applicants for immigration had to make sure that they were able to provide all the requirements. Those that were part of the draw were actually the individuals who had good CRS scores as per the country’s immigration department.

For Ontario, their Express Entry program is part of the Provincial Nominee Program stream and its specific name is known as the Human Capital Priorities Stream. This is quite popular in the province and it recently has sent out Notifications of Interest to those individuals who have applied to be immigrants to the country. This sending out of NOIs has happened just last 27th of February. This is the largest for 2018 and it definitely seems like those who have gotten the NOIs are pretty happy about it. After all, it is not everyday that they get such.

Who received the NOIs?

So who are the individuals who received the NOIs? Well, as per the Ontario local government, the set of invitations that were sent out recently were those individuals who have expressed their interest in being an immigrant in the country. These individuals were selected based on their score on the Comprehensive Ranking System, the point system that the country is using. Those individuals that got invitations were those who got scores from 433 up until 441. Those that did not match that qualification definitely did not get any NOI.

The NOIs that were sent to potential immigrants to Canada were actually a part of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (which is also known as the OINP). The people behind the OINP had also disclosed that the invitations were sent out to those who got the right scores and who also had sent in their profiles and applications from January 1, 2018 up until the 22nd of February. Those who went in applications before or after those dates were not included.

The next step

For all of those potential immigrants who were able to receive an NOI from the OINP, they can actually now start to send in their application to get a nomination for the Ontario provincial portion of the process. Once the applications are in are found to have met the requirements set by the government, the potential immigrants are now given 600 more points which would be added to their CRS score for the Express Entry program. This would make them 600 points closer to their goal which is definitely a good thing.

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