Wednesday, March 14, 2018

New Zealand Immigrant Workers Are Encouraged To Be Part Of Unions By Immigration Minister

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For Iain Lees-Galloway, New Zealand’s Immigration Minister, immigrant workers in the country should be moving towards joining whatever union they believe would work best for them. By doing this, immigrant workers are able to get a really good chance of staying away from any type of risk that can exploit them as workers by employers in the country. It is a way of protection for them and it is going to be quite beneficial as well. This is indeed something that immigrant workers should do and the minister for immigration is encouraging them to do so. Lees-Galloway also works as a minister for workplace relations as well as for workplace safety.

Exploitation happens to immigrant workers and that is not a secret. It has been quite a big topic for many people for years and years. There have been really huge cases that were noticed by the media. And to be able to avoid this, the immigration minister is making sure that immigrant workers are informed and know just what the kind of help and protection they can get. Unions are definitely going to be a great shield for them.

The move against exploitation of immigrant workers

The NZ government has been doing the best that it can to make sure that exploitation of immigration workers stop. It is definitely a high priority for them. There are not a lot of cases in the country but there are isolated cases and the government is making sure that this stops. Though the government has been open that there is a lack of funds for this thing but Immigration New Zealand is doing its very best to make sure that it does not happen anymore. Joining unions is one way of protecting immigrant workers and that is why these people are urged to go ahead and join one.

What the government is doing is actually making sure that there are more inspectors doing the task so that all work environments are checked and investigated if needed. The Immigration Minister is also doing its very best and to be able to accomplish such, they are putting twice more inspectors to get more jobs done and more area covered. The government is focused on making sure that the country is clean and the work environment is well.

What immigrant workers can do

Immigrant workers should not be scared as they can easily get the help that they need if they believe that there is exploitation happening. Aside from that, joining a union should also help them with their knowledge to know if exploitation is already happening. There are isolated cases but it is not rampant like in some areas of the world. The Immigration Minister is pushing for immigrant workers to go ahead and be knowledgeable about exploitation so that they would know when it is happening and what to do in case it happens to them.

This is how the NZ government takes care of its workers. Other countries may turn a blind eye towards this but New Zealand definitely does not.

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