Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Annual Immigration Numbers For New Zealand Dip

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For 2017, the numbers for immigration in New Zealand have been skyrocketing. In fact, many have said that there seems to be no slowing down the numbers. However, the rate of immigration in the country seems to have reached its peak on the later part of the year as the graph has showed a plateau. Now, for this year, the annual immigration numbers have definitely started to go down. This means that there are a lot less immigrants coming to the country but it does not mean that the country is not attracting potential immigrants.

The annual net for migration in New Zealand has seemed to continue with the slow rate this January of 2018. Despite this, the immigration numbers are up. It is only those of student visas that are going down as well as those of resident visas. These two groups are the reason for the dropping of the rate. The work visa holders are continuing to go up though and so the immigration numbers are at a good balance still.

The numbers for New Zealand immigration

70,100 was the recorded number for the annual net migration of the country. This was the data accumulated from the first day of the year 2018 until the end of January. As compared to the data for the whole month of January of 2017, the recorded number for that period was 71,300. It is a difference of 1,200 individuals. This data has been put together by the Statistics New Zealand, the official agency of the country that deals with data.

For those individuals who have come from the country’s neighbor, Australia, the number is just balanced out. For this year, there were around 24,900 immigrants who have come to New Zealand. There were around the same amount who have left New Zealand. The difference was just 40 individuals more for those who came to the country. There is not much difference in the numbers and thus balancing it out just right.

The movement for immigration data

According to Statistics New Zealand, the annual number for immigration in January of this year is just about the same as last year’s. There were70,100 individuals who have come to the country from different countries around the globe. That means the population of the country has grown by around that number.

Some have been blaming the huge number of immigrants coming to the country for issues that have been sprouting in the country like the high prices for properties and real estate. However, studies have shown that immigration is definitely not the real reason for such as these issues have already been present in the country and immigrants coming to the country only had emphasized such issues.

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